The 3000s of the Pyrenees

The three-thousanders of the Pyrenees


In order to determine the amount of three-thousanders that could house the Pyrenees, a team of climbers and geographers imposed theirselves this task years ago.


Balaitous Peak 3.144 m.

The main requirement that was set was that we could consider a three-thousander any ledge with a prominence of at least ten meters from the main peak. That left 212 peaks, 129 of which were primary and secondary the rest.


Monte Perdido 3.355 m.

Quoting them from east to west, these giants are in the Central Pyrenees, some of them have permanent snow and glaciers; their main peaks are:


Posets Peak 3.375 m.

Balaitous Peak 3.144, Longue Peak 3.298, Monte Perdido 3.355. La Munia 3.133, Pic Long 3.192, Gran Bachimala 3.177, Posets Peak 3.375, Perdiguero Peak 3.222, Maladeta Peak 3.308,


Maladeta Peak 3.308 m.


Aneto Peak 3.404 m.

Gendarme Schmidt-Endell 3.335, Maldito Peak 3.350, Coronas Peak 3.293, Tuca del Collado de Coronas 3.286, Punta Oliveras-Arenas 3.298, Aneto Peak 3.404, Aguja Daviu 3.350, Besiberri Sur 3.03 in the province of Huesca and Pica d ́Estats 3.143, the only three-thousander of the Catalan Pyrenees.


Pica d ́Estats 3.143 m.

We have no doubt that competitors will mount on the cited slopes or in those of the many anonymous three-thousanders secondary peaks we have not mentioned.