Organya is the Mecca of paragliding Acrobatic, the experts say that two continuous years in its endless cycle of flying may put yourself at top level World Acrobatic ...  This is because the continuous elevator on the area of the flight and also for the atmosphere that exists there. You know, this sport is to learn by watching others, and of course practicing.

This area is located in the Catalan Pyrenees, near La Seu d'Urgell and about 30 km in a straight line from Andorra.

Thanks to the tremendous slope it is allowed, most days, very easily dynamic fly, in this way, the acrobatic pilots can train continuously.


The official launch is only 200 meters above the valley, but we need more to go up to more than 1000. Organya is a final destination of many flights that start from Ager, another powerful flight zone, located in the prepirineo.

Here below the XC flights recorded in the major websites.


In the next picture the main points of possible descent in July, according to the methodology of  thermal.kk7.ch.