Hecho valley is a very good area for paragliding, specifically for cross country flights. It is from here that the longest distance records in the Pyrenees have been made.


The best weather conditions appear with westerly and southerly winds. In addition, in winter, the thick air and westerly winds allow flights with good support throughout the valley.

The route A-176 from Puente la Reina de Jaca leads to the access to this valley.

In Hecho there are three takeoff points: Monte Remilez (1820 m), Borda Serrano (1200 m) and Planaletun (1000 m). More information about the takeoffs  http://www.echovuelo.org/.

Next the XC flights registered by the main cross country flight's portals.


In the next picture, the main possible upward points in July, according to the methodology of thermal.kk7.ch.


Cover photo: Sergio Mas (Flickr cc)