These two flying sites are relatively close. Aproximately 20Km in a straight line.

Belagua is an extraordinary flying site, located on the most easterly valley in the Navarra side of the Pyrenees, it is next to Huesca on the western side and to France on the north.

Accous is a site on the french side with numerous orientations for taking off.


In Belagua the best wind direction is south, over the Lakora ridge. You can also fly north on Lakora itself, but this direction is not advisable.

Provincial road N-137 will take us to the Belagua take off, the official lauch area is on Km50 of that same road.

Accous take offs are accesible from the village itself.

The type of flying is thermodynamic or just thermic, depending on the day, at the height of the summer  and with the possibility of achieving good cloudbases.

As a curiosity we can say Belagua is the location for the oldest paragliding rally in Spain, with more than 25 editions supporting this flying site.  Alas de Leyre paragliding club organises this event, normally on the first weekend of October.

The following image shows the XC flights registered by the main cross country websites.


On this image you can see the main possible thermal points in July, according to the thermal.kk7.ch methodology.