X-Pyr is an experience of freedom.
One of the toughest adventure races in the world

We are a few devoted fans of this kind of race who, unable to wait any longer, decided to design one for our Pyrenees mountains, our own version of the hardest hike & fly competition.

Starting in 2020, june, 21st, 40 teams will try to cross the Pyrenees, reaching the waypoints that the organization decides. Waypoints that could be on the highest mountains, or the deepest valleys. Starting at the Bay of Biscay, and finishing by the Mediterranean coast

Pilots must always carry the minimum amount of equipment whith them. It consists of: Glider, harness, parachute, helmet, mobile phone and live tracking equipment.

There are no stages, pilots can be on the move 18 hours a day.

First in goal wins. From that moment the remaining pilots have just 24 hours to reach goal.

All in all, a big adventure. Anybody wishing to follow the race, will find live information, via web. With pilot's positions, in 3d, on a full map. Pictures, videos, interviews, everything neccesary to bring supporters into the adventure.

The X-Pyr 2018 route

X-PYR 2018 - The_route from X-Pyr on Vimeo.