Stanislav Mayer


"Great idea to cross ridge, Pyrenees from ocean to sea. And great adventrure."

Pilot: Stanislav Mayer
Nationality: Czech Republic
Birth Date: 08.21.1989
City: Jablonec nad Nisou (Czech Republic)
Job: SW resident engineer
Web: website
Glider: GIN Puma
Harness: GIN grey X-Alps
Helmet: ICARO 2000
Sponsors: GIN Gliders,, Inov-8, HighPoint
Assistant: Stanislav Hruban
Nationality: Czech Republic
Birth Date: 02.17.1987
City: Brno (Czech Republic)


What is your greatest sporting success?
Finishing RedBull X-Alps and X-Pyrs, Finishing Ironmann, Climbed to north face of Ortler.

When and why did you start paragliding?
We wanted to fly down from mountains with my friend after climbing. So we started with paragliding training in 2010. Then I started to compete with Czech young paragliding talents and then with passion I lived kind of paragliding life 🙂 … few years.

What is your mountaineering experience?
North face of Ortler, Elbrus, Matterhorn ...

What does your typical training week consist of?
Some running or mtb to and back from my work. Cross country skiing and flying for sure too.

What are your best and worst sporting memories?
Great was flying close to Monako and new that finishing of adventure is possible. Or for example flying close to glaciers in Swiss Alps.

Why did you choose X-Pyr?
Great idea to cross ridge, Pyrenees from ocean to sea. And great adventrure.

Have you participated on X-Pyr before?
Yes three times. It was all the times great at the end. And pretty good weather. I hope we will have similar, keep your fingers crossed for that ;-).

Have you flown in the Pyrenees before?

What will your strategy be during the race?
Stay calm a fly in the air as long as possible.

What excites you most about X-Pyr?
Flying and finding a new places.

What scares you the most about the event?
Weather and snakes

Why will he/she make a good assistant?
We are good friends and we had a great time last edition.

Anything else you like to comment?
Vamos a la playa, chicas 😀