Michal Gierlach


"Better fly slow, than run fast"

Pilot: Michal Gierlach
Nationality: Poland
Birth Date: 03.05.1986
City: Dobczyce (Poland)
Job: Paragliding guide, instructor
Web: www.michalgierlach.pl, www.facebook.com/michalgierlachxalps
Helmet: SUPAIR
Sponsors: Salewa
Assistant: Maciej Zietara
Nationality: Poland
Birth Date: 03.21.1980
City: Krakow (Poland)


What is your greatest sporting success?
8th place at World Champs in Sopot 2013 and participation in Red Bull X-Alps 2017

When and why did you start paragliding?
I started flying in 2003 becouse of my father. As a great enthiusiast of mountains he was dreaming of flying for many years and later "sold" me this passion

What is your mountaineering experience?
I did couple of 4000 peaks this summer, I love also skitouring and of course hike&fly.

What does your typical training week consist of?
I'm trying to train 6 days a week with 3 more intensive sessions. Depending on the season I mix different disciplines: running, hike&fly, skitouring, road biking.

What are your best and worst sporting memories?
Each time getting to a goal of a task as one of the first is big pleasure. Worst ones I try to delete from my memory 😉

Why did you choose X-Pyr?
X-Pyr is one of the longest hike&fly competition, that need good endurance and high level of flying skills.

Have you participated on X-Pyr before?
No, it will be my 1st time

Have you flown in the Pyrenees before?
No, I'm planning to try it before the event.

What will your strategy be during the race?
Better fly slow, than run fast 😉

What excites you most about X-Pyr?
Big adventure, team work, picking your own routes, remote take offs

What scares you the most about the event?
Heat and wind

Why will he/she make a good assistant?
Maciek is a really talented pilot but also great tactic. He is good in weather forecasting and also he was supporter during X-Alps 2017 for team USA 3. The most important thing he is my good friend!

Anything else you like to comment?
I cannot wait to stand on the beach wating for start whistle.!