Edouard Potel


"The idea is simple but the execution is complex and therefore challenging."

Pilot: Edouard Potel
Nationality: France
Birth Date: 10.31.1992
City: Coursegoules (France)
Job: Engineer
Web: https://www.facebook.com/edouard.potel.7
Assistant: Simon Tattevin
Nationality: French
Birth Date: 02.01.1974
City: Larmor Baden (France)


What is your greatest sporting success?
Learning to swim. This is harder than it sounds.

When and why did you start paragliding?
I started 8 years ago to save my knees from further downhill hiking abuse.

What is your mountaineering experience?
I climb on rock, on snow and on ice.

What does your typical training week consist of?
I cycle on Mondays, I swim on Wednesdays and I fly on week-ends. Sometimes a bit more.

What are your best and worst sporting memories?
My worst memory is my forced withdrawal from X-Pyr 2018.

One of my best memories would be getting a large coffee at the local bakery after finishing Dolomiti Superfly in 2018 with my buddy Florian.

Why did you choose X-Pyr?
Because the idea is simple (the rules could stick into 3 sentences) but the execution is complex and therefore challenging.

And because the best hike&fly pilots of the world take part so there are things to be learned.

Have you participated on X-Pyr before?
Yes I have. The small part of the route I actually raced was good. Sunny and flyable.

Have you flown in the Pyrenees before?
Yes I have.

What will your strategy be during the race?
Keeping a cool head as much as I can. As my fellow countryman Nelson once told me: "It's just about small arches moving in the sky after all."

What excites you most about X-Pyr?
Flights in mountainous rocky landscapes along with the prospect of the icecream at Port de la Selva.

What scares you the most about the event?

Why will he/she make a good assistant?
Because he has been my supporter since my first competition. He can handle bad moods and anger as well as he's good in tactics.

Anything else you like to comment?
Once more into the breach dear friends, once more...!