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Today Stanislav Mayer arrived at St Helena de Rodes and was able to complete his flydown to the raft with Maxime Pinot. Nelson de Freyman arrived a few hours later. Congratulations to both! Eduardo Garza pushed hard yesterday and managed to get to the turnpoint at Canigo (TP7). He decided to sleep on the mountain…
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Day 5 – Update

Today Maurer won the X-Pyr 2018! He arrived in the morning of day 5, having hiked up to St Helena de Rodes. We broadcasted it on Facebook live and you can replay the action whenever you like. He later flew down to the goal at Port de la Selva. Congratulations to Chrigel! Chrigel estimated 5.5…
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Day 4 – Update

Another exciting day! Maurer had more long flights. After passing TP 6 at Pedraforca the night before, he was poised to pass Canigo (TP7). He did so and flew out to towards goal, but due to the last minute notification of the cancellation of the organisation's NOTAM, he had to be informed in the air that he could not…
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Day 3 update

dia 3 xpyr 2018 from X-Pyr on Vimeo. Another action packed day! Some big highs and some lows too. Two pilots have withdrawn - Fons de Loew an Patrick Sieber. In the morning, Maurer hiked up to TP5 (Midi du Bigorre) as did Maxime Pinot. By the end of the day both had made excellent…
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Day 1 Race Report

Day-1: Race Report A sunny day greated X-Pyr 4th edition. After the group picture at the beach all pilots took off running to the first turn point, “La Rhune” (900m). This is a hard uphill run for a hot summer day, and yet we had the fastest first leg of the race ever, at just over…
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