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Day 4 – Update

Another exciting day! Maurer had more long flights. After passing TP 6 at Pedraforca the night before, he was poised to pass Canigo (TP7). He did so and flew out to towards goal, but due to the last minute notification of the cancellation of the organisation's NOTAM, he had to be informed in the air that he could not…
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Day 1 Race Report

Day-1: Race Report A sunny day greated X-Pyr 4th edition. After the group picture at the beach all pilots took off running to the first turn point, “La Rhune” (900m). This is a hard uphill run for a hot summer day, and yet we had the fastest first leg of the race ever, at just over…
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Día 0 – reunión y más

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A beautiful sunny summer day salutes us in Hondarribia. The 35 confirmed participant teams gathered at the city's Auditorium. We all went through the race rules, air pace restrictions, safety and emergency procedures and satelite tracking. Gear inspection and weight checking was completed, followed by TV interviews for the race documentary. Some of the worlds' best Hike & Fly pilots head the particintat's list.

This years' edition added some challenging turn points that will rise the race difficulty and length. The weather forecast is now good after weeks and weeks of rainy days. The excitement is in the air and all is now set for a spectacular race start tomorrow at the beach (10am local time). The first turnpoint "La Rhune" can only be reached by foot and is some 25km away. We anticipate first lauches around 13h from "La Rhune".

Note: Team Michael Muehlbach did a last minute cancellation due to medical reasons.

Photos: Daniel Berhelemy

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