Xpyr final report or when the dream comes true

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X-pyr was a goal for this year, a big dream of small guy from small country, a task to compete with other similar pain-and-exhaustion loving guys in wild and beatiful landscape, the battle with heat, rain, thunderstorms and with my body and mind.
What i should say? It was the most beatiful Xpyrience of my life, and you know, I am not a homebody.

We, as a team Koreň/Strmeň had hard times, our livetrack didn´t work well, so finding ourselves was pretty hard. But its part of it. Our expyrience of race is very good, we made some mistakes in beggining and then, its quite hard to attack the frontiers, when you are grounded, but who don´t know how to fly, must hike...or fly in rough conditions. So xpyrience with strong winds and big thunderstorms was included.

Thank you, all of competitors and organisators for #anotherawesomeadventure!!! Hope to see you in next edition to struggle with Pyrenees again!

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