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Final summary – CZE team

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For our team the X-Pyr competition of course amazing!
First of all I'm happy that we could fly together with Chrigel and Aaron first and second day. I knew that weather should be worse and worse so I decided to run a little bit more first and second day. Then third day it was different story called "Alone in Pyrenees". I flew all the day alone just I saw Aaron behind me at the end of third day. Then it was pretty late I believed that I can fly down after reaching last TP7 by foot. But there was impossible to run there and pretty rocky area. So I decided to sleep in my glider on the ridge at 2000 meters. Night was pretty cold for me and windy etc. I didn’t have any water there and any working battery pack. So in morning I was happy to meet Aaron who helped me a lot with water and battery. Thank you, Aaron. Then we flew together. Just one long glide at the end. Than we walk together to the goal. Aaron unlucky had some problem so at the end I finished alone on second place. I can not still beleive result of me and our team. We are happy on the beach in Port de la Selva.
Thanks to my supporters, fans, sponsors and organizators. See you soon under the cloudbase!

blog Mayer day 3

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Wake up at 4.15 and more than 20 km walking to Cap de Vaqueira in ski areal. Birds up the hill help us to start fly and take hight. From this moment support didn´t meet pilot whole day. Standa and Aaron have to spent night close to 7th point Canigo in their wings together. Tommorow we will see..


blog Mayer day 2

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Day 2

We spent night in companz with Durogati and Maurer´s team. Morning started early by walking up the hill followed by supporting cars. Before noon we left car road and started mountain track to reach turn point Orhi. It was really windy, but the start was great. Standa flew more than 100 km throuth Anayet, Pena Montanesa and Cecire. Good mood for today.


Flying on the west faces to TP5

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Our team is superhappy to cover more than 100km by yesterday's flight. Today we expect difficult flying. Please wish us luck :-).

Stanislav Mayer – In the group of three

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Blog Mayer foto Day 2

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blog Mayer day 1

Day one was succesfull. From the start on hot beach with czech flag to afternoon track towords second turning point.
We reach Larun in top 5, take off was ok, but flying conditions were miserable. After all we flow with Durogati and Maurer at the leading positions. Short flights ended before eight and than we walk till half past ten. Had a good dinner and short sleep.
At the morning we start track to the second turning point.
We are on a way, mood is fine but wether seems to be too windy.