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My Xpyr is ending with a little more excitement than I bargained for.

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Well today started off with some nice flying in mellow conditions on the Cadi mountains but it looks like my race is coming to an end with my wing in a tree after I threw my reserve parachute in nasty nasty foehn-ish wind trying to land in the valley near turnpoint 6. The awesome thing is that I came down without a scratch. Not exactly how I wanted to finish but I have had a great race and I'm very happy to be safe and sound on the ground.

Last day push. The horses can rest but I have to push for one more day.

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Well I am really happy I decided to push yesterday for the Cadi  mountains. I made it here to launch at a good time and I made some good progress down the north side of the mountain. Unfortunately I got stuck in a sinky shady spot and had to land. Fortunately I can hike up to launch again pretty quick and hopefully make turn point 6 soon. It's a long shot but the end of the course is still within reach.

Fwd: Flying with rain -Jesse & Juraj

Juraj and Jesse have flown about 13 km, raining, en the area of La Bonaigua.

Speed of more than 80 km/h
And heavy rain just a few seconds behind them.

Jesse Williams

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Interesting mix of wind and air masses today. I got to turn point 5 but then got stuck. Now after a hike up I'm going to try to get back in the air.