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Thanks X-Pyr!!!!

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Well, once finished this 2016 edition, our team wants to thank you all once again for giving us the opportunity to be part of this great X-Pyr family.

Thanks to the organization and congratulations to all the pilots and assistants.

Our team is saying goodbye to the Pyrenees doing one of the things we like the most, flying!

Best wishes for everybody, see you in the X-Pyr 2018!!


Seventh day Ignacio Arévalo / Javier Delgado team

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Last day and the conditions were not very safe to fly so we decided to go for the TP6 by foot. Jesse was coming up on my tail and sadly he had to throw the parachute, fortunately with no consequences. Finally we are very happy for finishing in the fourth position, and it has been a pleasure to participate again in the X-Pyr and share it woth such a bunch of high level pilots. Congratulations to the organization and to all the pilots. Thank you for this superb week.

Day six Team Ignacio Arévalo / Javier Delgado

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The forecast came forward today and the north and storms arrived earlier than expected (with hailstones included). We climbed to the Cadi , but eventually got worse and I had to walk down for a completely enclosed by vegetation path. I prefer sunny days and good thermal flying to advance, jejejejee

5 Day Team Ignacio Arévalo / Javier Delgado

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Takeoff from Roost where we spent the night. The day will soon start working, and when clusters began to form decided to fly further south but had to land near Pont de Suert. New stretch walk to find out on takeoff and 6pm to land in the foothills of the Sierra de Cadi, a pity that the cirrus parasen all activity, perhaps half an hour over conditions could have reached the next mark..

Day 4 Team Ignacio Arévalo / Javier Delgado

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This morning climb to Port de la Glera from Bagneres-Luchon. The intention was to take off from there and at least plan to the Hospital of Benasque, but the wind was very strong and I had to walk down. Soon after it began to rain down and took the opportunity to make our first lunch since I started the race a good time and relax legs.

3Day Team Ignacio Arévalo / Javier Delgado

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After spending the night in Biescas, we started walking at 8 am in the morning to find a good takeoff. At first climb it was hard but I finally managed to reach the mark of Peña Montañesa, losing much height before passing. After good thermal that allowed me to reach the next, ending shortly after landing. Very happy with the day, and even more after reaching Céciré, mark that seemed very difficult to achieve in flight..

Segundo día Ignacio Arévalo / Javier Delgado

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Very happy with the second day, starting early until the turn point. After mark, good flight taking off from turn point to go through the next point  and finish the flight in panticosa.

Primer día equipo Ignacio Arévalo / Javier Delgado

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Primera jornada de la X-Pyr con mucho calor y condiciones un poco “flojas” para el vuelo. Aún así terminamos éste primer día con buen sabor de boca y con una buena posición, tras haber “rascado” todo lo que se podía en el primer vuelo de la mañana. Aunque el
vuelo de la tarde se tratase sólo de planeo fue suficiente para dar un merecido descanso a las piernas después de un largo día.