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Team ITA Aaron/Ondrej – Final summary

The X-pyr crossing was an adventurous experience. The weather was very stable the first day with weak conditions for flying. We knew we need to come as close as possible to the Turnpoint 2 Orhy. The winds were picking up in the next days so we pushed and made around 60km air distance on day 1 ready to be on day 2 on Orhi ready for a big flight. For the first two days Aaron stayed very close with Chrigel and Standa, also camping together over night.

In the evening of the second day we separated trying to continue through the south route via Castejon de Sos. Chrigel and Standa stayed in France and went via the North route.
The third day was in a race mode, as the final ranking was about to be decided. Aaron and Standa finished a bit behind on top of the ridge.. close to the Canigou turnpoint leaving Chrigel in front without a real chance to catch him again.

Because of being deep in the mountains on top of the main Pyreneeys main ridge both were forced to stay up there overnight. At the same time we were planning to support Aaron with food, water and sleeping bag, but came across a serious problem with the car tires. Therefore Aaron had to survive without food and slept in his glider.

On day 4 both Aaron and Standa stayed together waiting for flyable conditions. Like this they saved around 20km of walking and landed within 40km of the goal for the final run. Unfortunately Aaron was fighting with a stomach problem probably caused by a bacteria or a virus. Vomiting couple of times and becoming very weak he was forced to stop in the afternoon around 5:00PM and give up his run to goal with Standa.

The next day Aaron managed to wake up feeling a bit better to complete the race on the 3rd position. Having finished this great experience we would like to thank the organizers for all their efforts and encourage all the teams during the last days of the competition.

Aaron Day3 Post2

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Looking around at Castejon area..

Aaron day3 post1

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Day 3 started at 4:45am again. No time to wait even though we are past the middle of the #xpyr route.. now on the way to the takeoff above Castejon de Sos.

Aaron Day 2 Post 1

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Aaron post 2 day 1

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team ita
post 2
day 1

some more photos from the start

Aaron post 3 day 1

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Last 10km to walk after landing together with Chrigel and Standa.