Sunset on the race / Team Flybubble UK

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The sun is setting and I'm grinding off what remains of my legs ... mainly to hold off the guys I passed today by flying catchup.

The wind doesnt stop. There were rumours it might drop late in the day but there are all kinds of windblown cloud bars aloft, driven by the N that is spilling down from France.

I found a perfect launch this morning and we both hiked up. This gave James his first opportunity to try out real XPYR conditions. I'm not sure he enjoyed the wild ride but the landing was easy and the views were the best.

My flight was great fun until rounding the Perdido airspace and fighting the wind to TP4. I got drilled and couldnt reach te he cylinder. I tried to land high but the turbulence was nasty so I bailed out and chose a safer landing beside the river.

Overall, a very tough course in hot windy conditions. I can only marvel at the guys who made goal. After a week of giving it 100%, I'm about half way.

Right, on with the walk. Tomorrow, we party!

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