Off We GO!

X-Pyr 2016 - Day 1 from X-Pyr on Vimeo.

We had blue skies but the heat has taken a toll on most pilots. The thermometer was pointing upwards of 30C. Aaron made it 1st to TP1 this year again on a record 2h45' followed by Chrigel, Jesse and Standa. Some pilots run out of water in their march to TP1 struggled on their way up. The pilot's parade went on for almost 6 hours. The flight conditions have been weak and pilots had to fight head winds on their way to TP2 which generated a succession of short flights as they progressed towards TP2. In spite of this, the leaders made almost a 60km progress. By the end of the day Aaron, Chrigel and Standa closely lead the race, followed by Jesse and Jose Ignacio. TP2 (Ohri) lies only 17km ahead of them and the forecast is great, with ceilings above 4000m and a hot day. Tonight the rest of the pilots are mostly quite spread along the way.

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