Day3 Report

Maurer was the first one to launch, Mayer and Durogati following shortly thereafter. All 3 flew all the way to TP6 and signed at the landing. Their next flight took them all the way to TP7 area, but only Maurer made it and landed in the valley. Maurer keeps the lead while the 2 followers will sleep on the mountain to make TP7 tomorrow.

Arevalo on the 4th position had a great day and made it to TP5 followed by Williams who is jst a few km shy of TP4.

Most other teams made it through TP2 and just 4 past TP3. Flight conditions at the head of the race were clearly much better than at the back making fot a yet wider gap. Guiseppe and Juraj reported very tough flight conditions, and they where not the exception.

Abandoned today: M.Gruber/A.Gruber, H.Tamegger, M.Boyer, Muehlbach, Krysta

Small talk: Mayer broke his vario screen while packing. Ondrej's had a flat tire so his pilot Aaron will have to bivouac tonight. Keller had time penalty due hiking past 22:30h.


X-Pyr 2016 - Day 3 from X-Pyr on Vimeo.

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