Day 7(23/7) Report

Almost all pilots had a chance to flight today and many pilots had a one-on-one tough fight for their final standing on the general classification.

Arevalo #4 has made TP6 on foot. Jesse Williams #5 had a tough day after an exteme "reserve landing" near TP6, it took him 4h to descend from the trees and finally makes TP6 and retains his #5 position. Juraj Koren hiked up to Pic de l'Orri and had to come down on foot is #6. Adrian Keller #7 Z.Koren #8. Mastromichele#9 and Garza #10 with a good flight from TP4. Joao Veiga had a remarcable flight from Biescas to near TP4 but he will have a solo bivouac night. Greg Hamilton had a good flight too.

Tomorrow: awards and prices 12h at the Port De La Selva beach. Lunch/party at 13h. Afternoon (depending on the weather) joy flights with landing on the beah and inflatable spot for all.




Google Earth:

Dia7 from X-Pyr on Vimeo.

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