Day 5 (21/7) Report

Durogati makes it to the goal at 8:39h after last night's recovery rest, he was not feeling well. Both Durogati and Mayer did the final fun flight to the beach and Standa amussed the audience with his water-platform spot landing. So we have the 3 positions are now set: #1 Maurer, #2 Mayer, #3 Durogati.

Arevalo on #4 position had a good flight from Castejon and settled for the night at Sierra de Cadi short before TP6.

Juraj Koren had a great day and made it to #5 just 1.5km ahead of Williams, now #6. Both just passed TP5.

Adrian Keller too had a great performance and went up a few positions to end #7 for the day
Alokkumar Mihani made TP2

Adandoned: Stephane GArin and Martin Petz

Out of the race penalty: Cyriaque Wagner Ballon

Forecast: flyabe morning and a bad wet and stormy afternoon

X-Pyr 2016 - Day 5 from X-Pyr on Vimeo.

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