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Enjoy the documentary edited for the international spanish TV chanel Teledeporte   For over people in Chrome and "Sorry, only in Spanish" [gallery link="file" ids="16905,16906,16907"]
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Final for the team Parapente Factory Maximo and Jordi

CabeceraEntrada Xpyr from X-Pyr on Vimeo.

An epic final for an epic race.
Maximo Vela, after a though day (another one), managed to do a final flight from the Saun hill to this town... but the locals know how dangerous is this valley when strong northern wind appears.
Once landed, with great diificulties, decides that the race is over for him... until I communicates him that he has lost the 11th position... so he changes his mind and starts walking again.
The trackers lack of updating made us to have no information about the exact positions, and although it seamed that he had recovered two kilometres, at least he really only half kilometre behind, being this the final result, and achieving a meritable 12th position, taking into account that this is the first time in that competition.
We must thank our main sponsor, Parapente Factory, their support, as well as the organizer Iñigo Redin and his team, who have been watching over us during those days.
The X-Pyr 2016... is dead.