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Jose Isidro Gordito – The spirit stays alive

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Team  José I. Gordito/Marga Sanz:

 The spirit stays alive

The X-Pyr 2016 edition may be over, but it doesn't mean that our team stops. The philosophy stays on, and a mountain flight after a good trekking session is a reward we don't want to give up on. Training for the next edition, or simply milestones to carrry on dreaming, our activities give us a power we don't want to lose, and we are always happy to share it with you. The images show a very technical launch at “La Mira” in Los Galayos (2343m) after the climb, and the view of its peaks from above, at 3650m.


A long day / Team Flybubble UK

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From the dawn start and early flight, to the ascent to col de Ispeguy, to the windy flight to some slope, to hiking to the peak and around to a better launch peak, to flying and thermaling with griffon vultures, to landing, hot hiking then relaunching, to landing beside a stream for a glorious swim, to an ascent of col de irati? Of 1000m and it seems I'll do about half of it before striking camp and resting my weary legs.

It's been tough, but today has been special. Being out in this great natural environment was energizing. Even so, I have nothing left over for a jog to Ohri.

Maybe tomorrow? And then the real flying begins...

Sunset on the race / Team Flybubble UK

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The sun is setting and I'm grinding off what remains of my legs ... mainly to hold off the guys I passed today by flying catchup.

The wind doesnt stop. There were rumours it might drop late in the day but there are all kinds of windblown cloud bars aloft, driven by the N that is spilling down from France.

I found a perfect launch this morning and we both hiked up. This gave James his first opportunity to try out real XPYR conditions. I'm not sure he enjoyed the wild ride but the landing was easy and the views were the best.

My flight was great fun until rounding the Perdido airspace and fighting the wind to TP4. I got drilled and couldnt reach te he cylinder. I tried to land high but the turbulence was nasty so I bailed out and chose a safer landing beside the river.

Overall, a very tough course in hot windy conditions. I can only marvel at the guys who made goal. After a week of giving it 100%, I'm about half way.

Right, on with the walk. Tomorrow, we party!

Xpyr final report or when the dream comes true

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X-pyr was a goal for this year, a big dream of small guy from small country, a task to compete with other similar pain-and-exhaustion loving guys in wild and beatiful landscape, the battle with heat, rain, thunderstorms and with my body and mind.
What i should say? It was the most beatiful Xpyrience of my life, and you know, I am not a homebody.

We, as a team Koreň/Strmeň had hard times, our livetrack didn´t work well, so finding ourselves was pretty hard. But its part of it. Our expyrience of race is very good, we made some mistakes in beggining and then, its quite hard to attack the frontiers, when you are grounded, but who don´t know how to fly, must hike...or fly in rough conditions. So xpyrience with strong winds and big thunderstorms was included.

Thank you, all of competitors and organisators for #anotherawesomeadventure!!! Hope to see you in next edition to struggle with Pyrenees again!

X-Pyr on Teledeporte

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Tomorrow, friday, at 13:25 the report about the X-Pyr will be broadcasted on canal TeleDeporte.

We are very proud that the most important sport channel in Spain dedicates sometime to the X-Pyr, despite being a minority sport.

So, be aware, and prepare your video recorder.

Iñigo Gabiria. Final assessment

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It's time to make a personal assessment of this race, and I can't say I feel satisfied with the final result, but I am pleased with the experiences I've lived.

Taking into account the three editions in which I've participated, this is by far the one where I've flown less. Tactically speaking, I've made fewer mistakes than in other editions, but this time the weather has not been kind to the pilots who missed the boat on the first day. I've fought strong winds, heat, storms... and in this kind of race, if you don't fly... you don't move forward.
When I became aware of the fact that the weather wouldn't let us fly, and finishing the race would be impossible, I changed my way of thinking and started to enjoy the race in a different way, calmly, enjoying every mountain, every valley, every stream, every flower, every detail... the wonderful landscapes that so many times we don't appreciate because of the altitude and the stress of the competition.
The good thing about crossing the Pyrenees is that it doesn't mather how many times you do it, it will never be the same. It will always be a different experience, different landscapes, different sensations. This is how the Pyrenees are.
The only things that saddens me is not having been able to enjoy the full route. Everything else has been very positive.
I've laughed a lot with Josito and Marga. Being with them in the last part of the race has been a gift for me, and has shifted fatigue, bad weather and kilometres of road into the background.
Especially I must thank my assistant Ivan Castro (50% of this team) for his efforts and constant dedication letting me perform at a hundred percent. The work of the assistant is essential, and although it seems they remain in the background, if it were not for him, none of this would be possible.
I also want to thank all who have constantly supported and encouraged me (I'll forget someone for sure).
To Beñat Zubillaga for joining me from the star to Larun base. To all my friends and family who were waiting for me at the top, making me feel really supported. To Gorka Tornos and Izaskun Azpitarte for joining us during the first days. To Leire (and Izadi) for being there, making it easier to Ivan, and Parapente Factory and Marga and Josito for being as they are.
Also to the X-Pyr, of which I feel a part of, for believing in me yet one more year.

The Pyrenees will stay there…

Team Mexico Garza / Martin: Farewell, we hope to see you again!

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I’m hiking towards the top of a mountain, sun is setting, and I need to find a place to launch. Flying curfew is upon me, but I need the extra kilometers to keep up with this tenacious and uber-competitive group of experienced pilots. “Push, push, push” I say to myself while I ingest yet another energy gel. Go, go go...faster! Then I wake up…

It’s been more than a week since the race has finished and I still dream about finding places to launch from to fly as far as possible. My body might be in America, but my mind is still somewhere deep in the majestic Pyrenees.

It has been an amazing experience, so I now feel a bit empty without it:

I miss feeling I gave everything I had during the day, even though at night I could barely move.

I miss watching the live-tracking and smiling nervously while watching how the other teams were still pushing hard to either get ahead of us, or to try to catch up with us.

I miss the sight of my supporter (Hector Martin) with a stone cold Coke in his hand after a long walk under the scorching sun.

I miss the camaraderie between competitors which comes from mutual respect. I know how much the others are hurting, but no one quits. Warriors from all around the world with one goal in mind.

In the end, the personal bonds made while we were at our most vulnerable, fighting against fatigue and pain, will never be broken as far as I’m concerned. To all who participated, you have my utmost respect and admiration. It has been an honor to race among you.

Lastly, huge thanks to the organization for the yet another successful X-Pyr event. Without your passion and dedication many of us wouldn’t even know how impressive and beautiful the Pyrenees really are.

Farewell. I hope our paths cross again soon!

Race report / Team Flybubble UK

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I've put together a full race report on our website for those who would like more detail about the life of a pilot during the XPYR 2016 race.