Juraj Koreň, full X-Pyr review

  What are you doing now?, nothing? It's a perfect moment to review what the X-Pyr 2016 meant for Juraj. In his own words: "Seven days, of fairy tales. Pyrenees says, let the wind plays, plays in your ears..." Day 1 Day 2 or how I forgot myself in... Day 3 or fly when the others…
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Jose Isidro Gordito – The spirit stays alive

  • Los-Galayos-desde-su-vertical-a-3650-m.-FOTO-J.I.G..jpg
  • Preparando-el-despegue.-El-viento-es-intenso.-No-se-puede-fallar.-FOTO-MARGA-SANZ.jpg

Team  José I. Gordito/Marga Sanz:

 The spirit stays alive

The X-Pyr 2016 edition may be over, but it doesn't mean that our team stops. The philosophy stays on, and a mountain flight after a good trekking session is a reward we don't want to give up on. Training for the next edition, or simply milestones to carrry on dreaming, our activities give us a power we don't want to lose, and we are always happy to share it with you. The images show a very technical launch at “La Mira” in Los Galayos (2343m) after the climb, and the view of its peaks from above, at 3650m.


Juraj: Caucasian exploring

[gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="17083,17082,17081,17080,17086,17084,17085,17079"] In end of the season,  Athlete part of team Koreň  / Strmeň  went to Georgia to fight with new challenges like endless valleys full of trees,  strange weather and unknown or unexplored flight routes in Caucas. Very nice weather I used for few flights, in second one here i broke 100km…
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Vela-Estaper team: Xpyr2016 report

Crónica Xpyr 2016 (Sorry, just in spanish) Un final de carrera duro, igual que el resto de la carrera.   Los días previos a la competición ya traían los nervios típicos de antes de una carrera. Hacia ya mucho tiempo que no sentía esos retortijones en el estomago, fruto de los nervios. Ya quedaban olvidados aquellos momentos en los…
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