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  • Day 7(23/7) Report
    Almost all pilots had a chance to flight today and many pilots had a one-on-one tough fight for their final standing on the general classification. Arevalo #4 has made TP6 on foot.…
  • Day 6 (22/7) Report
    This was a misserable day for flying and hiking: rain, jail, T-storms all arround. Arevalo (#4) could not fly from Cadi due to bad weather and had to hike through very rough…
  • Day 5 (21/7) Report
    Durogati makes it to the goal at 8:39h after last night's recovery rest, he was not feeling well. Both Durogati and Mayer did the final fun flight to the beach and Standa…
  • Day4 Report (20/07)
    Maurer starts the day running at 5:30h with almost 60 km ahead to the finish line. He reaches goal by 11:10h (CONGRATULATIONS!!!) and flies to the beach after a rest. Mayer and…
  • Day3 Report
    Maurer was the first one to launch, Mayer and Durogati following shortly thereafter. All 3 flew all the way to TP6 and signed at the landing. Their next flight took them all…
    Day-2: Looong flights and huge gaps Windy morning but great looong flights (190km) and a huge gap between the standings of the race head and most of the other teams. Maurer, Durogati…
    Off We GO! X-Pyr 2016 - Day 1 from X-Pyr on Vimeo. We had blue skies but the heat has taken a toll on most pilots. The thermometer was pointing upwards of…

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X-Pyr is an experience of freedom.
One of the toughest adventure races in the world.



We are a few devoted fans of this kind of races who decided to design one for our beloved Pyrenees mountains, our own version of the hardest hike & fly competition.

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