Team Mexico in El Port de la Selva!

Wohoo! We actually made it! Absolutely amazing!
Eduardo flew off from Carnigo in the morning as planned besides the strong winds on top. He then landed about 35 km (straight line) from the End of Speed section. Running from here! Of course the actual kilometers to run on road are much more so we had to keep it up to make sure to go all the way.
Eduardo is a trooper so with a mix of running and walking we reached the final climb to the ESS around 6 pm. We slowed it down a bit because the organization was’t fully ready yet for our arrival. 🙂
Lots of photographers present and Eduardo signed the signature board. And of course there was a bottle of champagne! Making goal and overall 5th is absolutely amazing! What an adventure! We are tired and exhausted, but stoked to have made goal with the longest distance yet in the X-Pyr!

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