Team GBR Wez Murch/ Kevin Meynard

Well it's  been an race of ups and downs for us and today was no different. After a very difficult day 3, yesterday we pushed hard and I walked to Hecho, to arrive just in time for the thunder storms and rain and were forced to rest early. Today we were up and started the ascent up Hecho early and were on take off for 9am, in hindsight this was too early but we were cautious of the predicted storms in the early afternoon. After a couple of hours Parawaiting I finally saw some vultures climbing at the front of take off and so I launched about 12 o'clock. A very nice flight with vultures was had as I pushed back to TP 3 but unfortunately the storms had caught up with us and I was heading straight at them and was forced to top land instead of pushing on.  As soon as I landed, predictably my supporters were on the phone and I reported I was safe and was high on the mountain ready for a walk through the rain, unfortunately the team had bad news.... while I was flying our team support vehicle's clutch pedal snapped and they were stranded in Hecho, particularly bad news as I was about to walk a mountain in a rain storm and my support vehicle would very much be needed. We called the recovery services and the van was taken to a garage where the fault was diagnosed and the part ordered but unfortunately this part wouldn't arrive here until 4pm Friday which left me with some very tough choices, Push on without the team and try do this survival style ( this really wasn't an option ), Get a hire car and have them follow me, there are no hire places in Hecho and it was very hard to even locate one that could deliver a car. The final option, the one I really didn't want to admit was to stop the race, I sat for a while, emmotional, Hot and tired and I decided that as the race ends at 10pm on Saturday and with tomorrow being forecast rain, the brutal truth was that the race was over. I am absolutely gutted, not because I was in a great position or because I wanted to beat anyone but because I never want to quit and I have pushed my body so hard, my team have been so helpful, everyone watching so supportive and I don't wish to let anyone down. I am sorry to everyone that followed and supported us and you truly helped through any bad times.  The X-Pyr and everyone involved has been amazing and Iñigo worked tirelessly and effortlessly to make this race so great..... I'm sorry it's time to stop but I guess we will have to come back in 2020 and really make up for it!!

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