Roving reporters for the X-Pyr!

Roving reporters for the X-Pyr!

For the first time, this edition of the X-pyr will feature two roving reporters, who will follow the whole course alongside the athletes. They will be reporting on weather, terrain and conditions, as well as speaking to supporters and athletes and reporting on how the race is going.

The team is comprised of’s Judith Mole, who is well known for her long-running series of paragliding podcasts. She has been a hang-glider and paraglider pilot for 22 years, and has been a frequent contributor to online and traditional flying forums and magazines.

Judith has lived and flown in Catalunya, Spain for the past 15 years. She lives an hour from the finish and has been a dedicated follower of the race for years. She interviewed Chrigel Maurer after his first win and has done several podcasts on crossing the Pyrenees. You can hear all of them at

Andy Read is a software engineer with a lifelong fascination for anything that flies and a
love for the outdoors. He is a fairly new pilot but is already an X- Pyr, X-Alps and hike and fly race junkie. He was a supporter/assistant in the last Bornes to Fly race and is excited to know what the X-pyr looks like from a supporter's point of view as well as capturing some of the exciting moments of the race.

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