Chrigel deep spiraling down

But... why?
Here you are the answer.

One last minute change (a request by the national aeronautical authorities) on air restrictions of the race has forced Chrigel to deep spiral down to the ground.

He did it pefectly.


Now, time to walk.


  1. Last minute change? This doesn’t explain much…

  2. Han

    I was already looking at the screen like WTF? What a weird moment to enforce that new rule. Like they couldn’t wait for 3 more days.

    • X-Pyr

      It wasn’t a new rule. In fact, it is an old rule.
      Although we got permission for this edition, the aeronautical authorities changed it this morning.

  3. The authorities probably wanted the race to last one more day, otherwise Chrigel would have reached TP8 today…

  4. It is weird that no one knows about this sudden activation of the zone! beside the x-pyr organization!! Can you please elaborate on where this is coming from? Otherwise this leaves a bad taste on the well organized event.

    • X-Pyr

      No, it isn’t weird. We haven’t published any restricted zone.
      This one was published (it existed anyway) just to explain why Chrigel was spiraling down.

      In other famous races like X-Pyr is done exactly the same.

      But, thanks for sharing your point of view.

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