220 km new Pyrenean longest flight – Xevi Bonet – 04.18.16


Last week, april 18th, the Spanish pilot Xevi Bonet flew the longest flight in the Pyrenees ever!

The previous one was flown by Chrigel Maurer (186 km) and Aaron Durogati (190 km) during the X-Pyr 2014.
Yes, they did it during the race, so they had to respect some extra rules.

But, anyway, the flight of Xevi is absolutely awesome, and adds a new line for the 2016 race.

With no doubt, all X-Pyr pilots are dreaming about doing this flight during the race. They (and you) can check it in XContest. Same day and place, but not together, his friend Albert Villanova made a great flight too.


Xevi shares his experience:


On Sunday Aniol (X-pyr pilot) sent me a test: Monday looked great for a cross country flight in the Aragonese Pyrenees. I had to work on Tuesday so we organized a good retrieve to be sure that we could go back home at a suitable time. Due to the 4 hours drive to the take off we left quite early on Monday.

At 1:00 pm we took off, between cycles, into a great looking sky with perfect cloud formations but our take off was quite low: just 400m of altitude.



At the beginning the air was turbulent but the west wind and the cold air helped us to go faster. The landscape was incredible, it was my first time flying above this area.

After 6:23h and 220 kms, I landed at Puigcerdà, the last town before crossing to France, just to make the retrieve easier.



All photos were taken by Xevi Bonet.

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