Daily Archives: 21 July, 2016

Day 5 (21/7) Report

Durogati makes it to the goal at 8:39h after last night's recovery rest, he was not feeling well. Both Durogati and Mayer did the final fun flight to the beach and Standa amussed the audience with his water-platform spot landing. So we have the 3 positions are now set: #1 Maurer, #2 Mayer, #3 Durogati.…
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Day4 Report (20/07)

Maurer starts the day running at 5:30h with almost 60 km ahead to the finish line. He reaches goal by 11:10h (CONGRATULATIONS!!!) and flies to the beach after a rest. Mayer and Durogati wait till 13:00h am for take off from TP7 fly all the way to La Junquera and continue on foot together for…
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