Iñigo Gabiria


"I fear possible strong flying conditions"

Pilot: Iñigo Gabiria
Nationality: Euskal Herria
Birth Date: 08.01.1970
City: Elorrio
Country: Euskal Herria
Job: Fireman
Glider: GIN GTO 2
Harness: KORTEL Kolibri
Sponsors:  Parapente Factory
Assistant: Iván Castro
Nationality: Euskal Herria
Birth Date: 07.06.1979
City: Anurrio
Country: Euskal Herria


What is your greatest sporting success?
1st place X-Pyr 2012.

When and why did you start paragliding?
In 1991. I wanted to fly and it was the easiest way.

What is your mountaineering experience?
Pyrenees, Alps...

What does your typical training week consist of?
I do mountain running 3-4 days /week. I increase the effort as the goal approaches. Gym to keep-fit.

What are your best and worst sporting memories?
Winning the X-Pyr 2012 and taking part in the X-Alps 2013 are the best ones. I haven't got any particular bad memories.

Why did you choose X-Pyr?
Because I think I can finish it. It is an impressive race in its philosophy and its itinerary: mountain and flying, adventure and nature... freedom.

Have you participated on X-Pyr before?
Yes, in the previous two editions.

Have you flown in the Pyrenees before?
Yes, many times, and I love it.

What will your strategy be during the race?
To try and fly as much as possible and avoid getting stuck somewhere.

What excites you most about X-Pyr?
The same things I mentioned before: Flying, mountain, nature, adventure, self-improvement and freedom.

What scares you the most about the event?
Strong flying conditions. That is when you need to have a head for it.

Why will he make a good assistant?