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Day 5

After four hard and impressive days of adventure Race in the Pyreneen Alps I have decided on day 5 to finish the Race before the time ends. To much things have stressed and troubled me on Day 5. I am sorry about that and excuse me to all of my followers. Cheers, Lars



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Lars Budack – family matters

Lars has decided to abandon the race. As he says, family is more important than any other thing.


See you in other edition!

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Day 4

After a fantastic XC-flight on Day 3 from waypoint 2 (Pic Orri) over 100km team germany is another time sitting together on the launch. Haase and Kristha are nearby. Although Dani and Alex arrived this launching place. The weather looks nice for another long flight. Regards, Lars

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Yvonne, Martin and Lars on the Way to TP 4

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Day 3

Reaching TP3. A nice view. The first is started.
I am not alone. Martin, Iyvonne, Dani are with me.
Ready for take off.
Cheers, Lars

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Some pics from TP Nr. 2

Yvonne just take off together with the other German Pilots Martin and Lars.

Best Regards ThomasIMG-20140715-WA0009-001 IMG-20140715-WA0010-001 IMG-20140715-WA0011-001 IMG-20140715-WA0008-001

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Day 2

Today I was waked up from the rain. It looked terrible. So I decided to run. Walking in the rain with the french breakfast in the bag. Hopefully the weather changes.

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Day 1

The Race started at 11:00. It was very sunny and warm. After a lot of running I decided to walk. The walk to the top of Larrun was long and hard. I was happy to start with my paraglider although the wind was not perfect. After a good flight I started twice so that i could reach the pass.

Here I am and eat with Martin Petz Pasta.

Cheers , Lars



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