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Enric Llatser: new abandon

Enric has decided to retire due to physical and mental exhaustion.

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Llàtser – Costa

We wil to eat and sleep. And tomorrow will arrive at Orhi

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Enric Llatser: a short flight

Flight to descend from col d’Ispeguy to Baigorry. And tomorrow we will go up to flight and go towards Orhi.


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Enric’s first night


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Jordi Aymerich: Encordats – Preliminary

Last june (14th and 15th) a mountain race was held in Berguedà (the heart of Catalunya) which in just a couple of editions has turned into an unmissable meeting point for the sport’s fans.
As expected, the whole catalan group of X-Pyr participants was there: pilots Jordi Aymerich, Joan Costa,Carles Torres, EnricLlatser, y PepToi.


The start was on saturday 14th at 7:30 in the morning from the iconic “Pi de les tres branques” (symbol of catalan conquests) to make a 42Km circuit around the area. As special characteristics the route could be done in couples and assistance was optional. The only requirements to validate the track was a selfie in the main square of St. Llorenç (on route) and beer when you reached the finish line (which was a bar in the village of Avià, the first group to ask for a beer was the winner).
The weather rewarded us with all sorts of conditions: sun, wind, thermals, clouds, storm, rain, hailstones… so most of the itinerary had to be done on foot. Everyone of the X-Pyr participants could finish it.


It was a great chance to share training with the catalan racemates in a preliminary to the X-Pyr at a small scale, around a popular flying site which is well known by all catalan pilots. The experience was great and our runners showed their high standars of motivation and hope to do well in our next meeting on the 13th of july in the Pyrenees.

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