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X-Pyr 2014. Sixth day review: The Adventure is over.

After Maurer-Theurillat team won the race on Thursday, Durogati-Dilitz was the only team who reached de finish that day. It still remains an exciting day on Friday, when it would be decided which teams will reach the goal at Port de la Selva before the end of the race at 10:30.

Third place is well decided, because Coconea-Pisica ended on Thursday at barely 20 minutes to the turnpoint in the small church of Santa Helena, where crono stops. Tomi has to sleep in the very track he was walking, wrapped into his glide. Friday early in the morning, they are already walking at 5:30. Tey are coming up the road exultant, still in the dark. They reach the finish just in time to see the sun rising from the sea horizon, like a giant, red, deformed balloon. They are so happy. They both cross the gate in a fake sprint, and making constant jokes to the cameras.



Mayer-Kosthrun team ends in the fourth position. Also them have been very close to end the race the day before, barely 9Km. They arrive over 7:30 in the morning, with Standa walkin very fast over the road.


Ciuhandu-Ciurea team is next. They reach the goal at 9:30, after a hike of about 15 Km in straight line. There is a parking about 100m before the finish, and there are here more pilots as the time goes on (Criegel and Aaron sleeped here), and the welcome is warmer each time. It is a pretty thing to see all pilots cheering the teams that are arriving, who daoes not even stop until they reach the finish line aside the small church.


Beñu-Seliga gets there in sixth place, over 10:30 in the morning. I met them walking on the road, each side their van. Nobody is driving the van. They have just leave it idle speed, and walk at the rythm the van marks, correcting the trajectory through the window, by means of small touches to the steering wheel. They are passing the van each other, just a ping-pong ball. When they reach the parking, they are distracted with cheers and the van goes into a dangerous path. It remembers to me the fishing boat of Forrest Gump.


It is terrible hot. At the mid-day hours, when the hot is more burning, Neynens-Forster team reaches the goal. It is 14:30. The shyness of nick does contrast with the constant conversation of Carl. They will be ther first team not to fly towards the beach, because the wind is very strong now.


Nobody was expecting more pilots at the finish. But after we have been welcoming the teams arriving to goal, we realize taht Krysta-Polach team has cutted a pretty good distance. When they started at the morning, 55Km in straight line separated the team from the goal. Will them get it? The incredible speed live-tracking is is showing make us believe that they will. At 20:30 it is clear they will. Michael is coming up the road. He es exausted, after a long hike of more that 90 Km, just in one day. Everybody is thinking that he is pushing his strenght to the limit. But everybody is wrong. About 1Km left to the top, this czech beast bursts out running. This is not a pose for the cameras. We who are fresh and well rested have real problems to follow him. He has no one single reason for doing this, because he has time enough to reach the finish peacibly. He does it because he wants to. He does it because he can.


About 25 Km from the finish, near Figueres, team Barcena-Echevarria is resting. It will be the first team who won`t reach Port de la Selva.

The dream is over. For this time…